International Cannabis/CBD Retail and Marketing Location Intelligence

Create better products and make stronger business decisions by understanding how customers move around the international marketplace using location data and strategic intelligence. Our location data bridges the gaps between, demographics, point of sale, and other market indicator data within the industry touching the customer directly.

  Never before have you been able to directly understand the customer

  Competitive Intelligence

See and quantify location data and customer profiles within your competitor’s locations.

  Neighborhood Activity

Better comprehend customer visits and populations in as many neighborhoods as you need.

  Neighborhood Profiling

Reveal customer demographics including gender, age, and household income. of neighborhoods you are involved with.

  Site Performance

Measure foot traffic, when customers arrived, and how long they stayed to understand trends over time.

  Competitive Intelligence

Find voids in neighborhoods to identify potential new sites and to assess cannibalization.

  Visitor Profiling

Determine how different visitors exhibit different behaviors and by delving into customer segments and demographics.


Location data can be incomplete, intrusive, or full of noise; we make sure that every byte of data that comprises our data set meets our exacting standards.

Fully Transparent Sourcing and Ingestion

With ZefyrID, you know exactly where your data comes from.

Light Filtering and Standardization

We standardize the nomenclatures of all data partners to allow for seamless usability, In addition to filtering out invalid data.

The Highest Standard of Privacy

With ethical and legality as our guide, we place privacy at the forefront of all products and insights we create. We are GDPR and CCPA-compliant.

Zefyr ID for Retail

  Understand customer visitation to expand your addressable market

With location data from over 2,000 mobile partner apps, we provide high-quality location data and points of interest that are ready to be ingested for your use cases. Understand trends and shifts in customer behavior to predict and measure reactions to change.

  • Understand when and how often customers visit your location
    vs your competitors’ and cannibalization
  • Analyze competitors’ peak customer foot traffic, and other metrics
  • Compare customer demographics to your competitors’
  • Assess the addressable market for individual properties
  • Determine patterns in customer stays
  • Determine locals versus out-of-town customers
  • See how far people are traveling to get to the neighborhood
  • Assess the neighborhood population and demographics
  • Discover similarities and patterns in the neighborhoods of your existing customers
  • Measure neighborhood population changes and identify neighborhoods  demographics for advertising
  • Analyze your properties’ addressable market and capture performance
  • Assess local catchment areas
  • Determine peak visitation, repeat or lapsed visitors, or visitor mix
  • Analyze increased staff interaction, alternative merchandising, or different signage
  • Find sites near locations where customers already gather or travel
  • Uncover site characteristics that help build a lasting customer base
  • Project customer capture rates for potential new sites
  • Reveal gaps in the local marketplace
  • Analyze the demographics of customers
  • Discover similarities and patterns in the home origins of your customers
  • Measure how customer population varies

Zefyr ID for Brands

Understand where your current and ideal consumers live along with which dispensaries and points-of-interest they frequent. Brands use location intelligence to position products, maximize advertising ROI, and allocate the right resources at the right times.

  Position Product and Personnel

  • Use visitation data to understand where to place the
    most/best products
  • Determine peak visitation, repeat or lapsed visitors, or visitor mix to maximize popup and drop-in effectiveness
  • Create efficient  sales territories by understanding which locations have the most activity

  Optimize Advertising Targeting and ROI

  • Measure neighborhood population changes and identify a neighborhood’s demographics for advertising

  • Assess a dispensary’s catchment areas to determine new opportunities for your in-store advertising

  • Understand the demographic make-up of proven dispensary visitors across large and small geographic regions

  • Know if the people you’ve advertised to are visiting dispensaries and which dispensaries they visit

Zefyr ID for Marketers

Analyze customer segments and demographics, and determine how different visitors exhibit different behaviors. Determine whether or not your advertising campaigns are driving customers to your location, understand how long they stay, see if they are loyal, and identify opportunities for growth.

  Pure Data Feed

If you’re a sophisticated consumer with the internal capabilities to attach your own maps and POI, or to analyze and extract value from GPS data in a raw form. GPS pings are aggregated from our partners, standardized, and purged of overlapping and fraudulent data.

Data Types

  • Device ID
  • Device Type
  • Latitude + Longitude
  • Timestamp
  • Horizontal Accuracy
  • and more

  Curated Data

Harness Zefyr’s Business Strategy capabilities to create custom customer location insights for a variety of use cases.

The Curated Data Process

Get in touch with one of our experts and discover how customer location data can benefit your business.

Work with our analysts to help address your specific business strategy questions.

Use these custom insights to make critical decisions and strengthen your business.


Ready to learn more about how Zefyr ID location data can help?

  Pure Data Feed

Single Location







  1. *6-Month commitment required – Paid monthly or in Full
  2. **California is not included at the state level – Cost for California: $15,000 USD Per Month

  Curated Data

Pricing Varies. Contact us Directly:

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Zefyr wholeheartedly believes that privacy is a fundamental right that every human, regardless of the connected device, is entitled to.

We are committed to protecting and respecting data privacy. Our privacy behaviors cover the flow of location data from the point of collection to our customers’ platforms. Through our partners’ terms and conditions as well as thorough reviews of their privacy practices we ensure that all our partners who contribute location data to us collect, use, and disclose the location data in compliance with applicable privacy laws and industry privacy standards.

We insist, among other things, on:

  • Proper disclosures relating to the collection of location data

  • User opt-in consent for the collection of location data from mobile devices

  • Respecting mobile device users’ choices and device settings

  • Our customers processing  location data received from us in compliance with applicable privacy laws, industry standards, and their own privacy policies

  • Not directly collecting any location data

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