Find the Retailers and People Who Need Your Products and Services

Retail Location Data

In emerging markets, new retailers pop up every day. Discover where retailers are quickly emerging. Zefyr helps you understand retail locations, their products, and the buying behaviors of consumers that surround them.

Competitively Price Your Products

Retail Price Trend Data

Use Zefyr’s dashboards to understand where products are located, how saturated they are in an area, and how their retail prices change over time. Whether you sell a bargain, luxury, or lifestyle product you’ll know exactly what price will make you competitive and profitable.

Quickly Make the Sale

Unique alternative data

Zefyr’s dashboards are powered by unique alternative data sets from all over the web. With our dashboards, you can quickly identify pricing, consumer, and sales opportunities. Find the right consumer and make the sale faster.

Zefyr’s Web Dashboards

Zefyr Consumer Dash

Find out where your ideal consumers live, their behaviors, product preferences, and more.

  • Contains 67 Consumer Profiles Separated into 9 Segments

  • Intimately Understand Your Ideal Consumer

  • Position, Plan, and Innovate with Your Consumers in Mind

Zefyr Product Dash

Understand where products are on shelves in the U.S. and how their retail prices fluctuate over time.

  • Hundred’s of Product Types Tracked

  • Easily Understand Market Saturation

  • Place Products with Confidence

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