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Sell to Dispensaries faster and easier than ever before.

Zefyr Station

Get the marijuana data you need now.

The Zefyr Marijuana Data Platform

If you sell to dispensaries, Zefyr helps you quickly identify, segment, and target them.

Traditional research methods are often inefficient and ineffective for marijuana data because everyone has vastly different data standards. Finding good marijuana data shouldn’t cost your organization hours of expensive research.

Zefyr removes the guesswork and makes selling to dispensaries faster and easier. We give your sales and marketing teams dependable data in an easy-to-use platform.


Part One

The Marijuana Business Data You Need 

Zefyr Marijuana Data Research

The Zefyr Station Control Panel

Actionable Vision On Command

Zefyr Station’s hundreds of millions of marijuana data points can easily be searched and filtered to help you find and sell to dispensaries quickly.


Search/Filtering Options

The Zefyr Dashboard 'Dispensary' Icon

Dispensary Data

  • Distance

  • Name

  • Type

  • Revenue per month

  • License

  • Square Footage

  • Grow Size

  • Seniority

  • Outside Brands Carried

  • Number of Strains Carried

  • Marketing Channels Used

  • Product Types Carried

  • Sales Pathway

  • Local Consumer Type by Proximity

  • Loyalty

The Zefyr Dashboard 'Consumer' Icon

Consumer Data

  • Location

  • Demographic Type

  • Age

  • Median Income

  • Sex

  • Education

  • Average Cannabis Use

  • Average Spend Per Trip

  • Malady

  • Prefered Advertising Medium

  • Population Density

  • Disdain Factors

  • Preferences

The Zefyr Dashboard 'Product' Icon

Marijuana Product Data

  • Price Range

  • Category

  • Condition treated

  • Variety

  • Compounds

  • Terpenes

  • Effects

  • Flavors

  • Aromas

  • Brands

  • Products


Part Two

See the Market

marijuana data platform

The Zefyr Geo-Interface

The Market Context You Need to Succeed

Zefyr Station’s geo-interface gives you pinpointed marijuana market insight. Visually assess your place in the market while simultaneously analyzing the next steps to develop, improve, locate, and make effective decisions.


Map View

recreational marijuana

Map Tools

Navigate the map however you need. Drag your mouse to target specific areas or move freely, point, or freely explore to find the insight you need.

medical marijuana


See what types and how many dispensaries are located in an area to gain placement, marketing, pricing, and other valuable insights.

Marijuana Dispensary Data


See the products in an area to gauge market need and find your competitive advantage.


Part Three

Know the Market

Zefyr Marijuana Data

Zefyr Dispensary Reports

Marijuana Data That Gives You Real Answers

Zefyr dispensary reports give users access to dispensary, consumer, and product insights that are easy to visualize and understand. Dispensaries can be compared head-to-head to help illuminate competitive opportunities. Armed with this information, selling to dispensaries is easier than ever.


Zefyr Reports

The Zefyr Dashboard 'Dispensary' Icon


Marijuana data dispensary
The Zefyr Dashboard 'Consumer' Icon


marijuana consumer data
The Zefyr Dashboard 'Product' Icon



Part Four

Export the Data

Leverage Zefyr’s Data Your Way

Zefyr’s Data Grid can be launched at any time making exporting data for analysis easy.

  • Data is updated daily
  • Export data grid results to Excel/PDF
  • Use in any Business Intelligence/CRM platform
  • View/Sort data grid results by any field
  • View contact information
  • View location information
  • View demographic information
  • View inventory listing information
  • View unit pricing
  • View weighted pricing
  • View product descriptions

Zefyr Marijuana Data Platform Users

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