Zefyr Hot Article: Michigan Company Sells Books, Gifts Marijuana, In Legal Gray Area

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Synopsis: Michigan Company Sells Books, Gifts Marijuana, In Legal Gray Area

Michigan Marijuana Gifts

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This week’s Hot Article #Zinfo Michigan Company Sells Books, Gifts Marijuana, In Legal Gray Area, written by Kelly Burch and published by https://www.thefix.com, showcases just how creative business owners can be in the legal cannabis world.  

If you haven’t heard, as of December 6, 2018, recreational cannabis is now legal in the state of Michigan. Although cannabis is legal, the first dispensaries aren’t set to open until 2020.

Meanwhile, one local business has decided to enter into a grey area and are gifting eager readers with a gift of cannabis.   

That’s right…

Buy a bundle of used books and receive a cannabis-infused gift!


Glad you asked.

Select your bundle…

  •         Brownie Edible Book Bundle $65
  •         Full Vape Book Bundle $90
  •         Mary Jane Flower Books $80
  •         And more

Next, decide if you’d like to pick up your bundle in person or have it delivered. Same rules apply, customers must be at least 21 to gain access to their delectable gift.

Blaze owner Stephanie Swearengin, states “Pretty much demand has been hard to keep up with for the most part.” In addition to demand, many have questioned the legality of her business model.  Swearengin commented, “We’ve talked to multiple lawyers about the issue and as far as we can tell it’s just a large gray area.”

Victor Fitz, a Cass County Prosecutor, doesn’t feel the Blaze’s business model is legal, due to the fact, that there is an underlying intention to make a profit off of cannabis distribution.  Therefore, the Blaze is walking a very slippery slope.

Back in 2017, a Massachusetts business was shut down for accepting a cover charge at the door and then gifting entrants with cannabis.  Although recreational use was legal at the time, the business owner didn’t hold a license to distribute marijuana. Some may view the Blaze’s book bundles as a similar transaction.

Join the conversation, let us know what you think about gifting cannabis here.

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