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Synopsis: States With Legal Medical Marijuana Have Lower Teen Use Rates, Large-Scale Study Finds

Teen Cannabis Usage

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This week’s Hot Article #Zinfo: States With Legal Medical Marijuana Have Lower Teen Use Rates, Large-Scale Study Finds written by Kyle Jaeger and published by marijuanamoment.net, provides data analysis in order to answer a tough question…Does cannabis legalization increase marijuana usage among teens?

True or False, there is a higher usage of marijuana among teens in states where cannabis is legal?

Drum roll please…

The answer is FALSE, at least according to a recent study published in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse.  Researchers at Boston College worked long and hard reviewing drug surveys of over 860,000 teens throughout the United States during the years of 1999-2015.  This study focused on self-reported marijuana use within states that have legalized cannabis for medicinal purposes as well as states that have put forth efforts to decriminalize marijuana.

Here are the stats:

The enforcement of medical cannabis legislation has led to a 1.1 percentage drop in teens using marijuana. Those against cannabis often argue legalization will set the stage for even more teen users.

However, this study has exposed that argument as #misZinfo.

Let’s dive a little deeper…

The study shows an astounding decrease among Hispanic and African American teens:

  • 3.9 percent decrease in African-American teens
  • 2.7 percent decrease within Hispanic teens

It’s important to note, ethnicity isn’t the only factor researchers have taken into consideration, after incorporating state demographics and economic trends, overall teen usage remains down.

Based upon this study, researchers weren’t able to determine clear reasons why usage is down but allude to medical legalization opening up the door to more effective and impactful communication, giving teens the power to make more informed decisions.

States that have only decriminalized cannabis haven’t seen the same declines in teen marijuana use as legal medicinal marijuana states.

The fight against #Miszinfo is a constant battle within the cannabis industry.  Access to data has been a constant struggle, but what if we told you it’s possible to receive real-time cannabis data at your fingertips? Trust us, this isn’t #misZinfo, find out more #Zinfo here.

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