Hall of Fame Quarterback Joe Montana Goes Green, Secures Big Investment for Pot Brand: This Week's Hot Article

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Hall of Fame Quarterback Joe Montana Goes Green, Secures Big Investment for Pot Brand: Synopsis

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This week’s Hot Article, Hall of Fame Quarterback Joe Montana Goes Green, Secures Big Investment for Pot Brand, written by Zach Harris and published by Mary Jane Media, talks about how football legend Joe Montana is investing big in cannabis and bringing other investors to the table, as well.

Joe Montana, retired NFL superstar, and a group of investors, including high-profile investors like former Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz, recently closed a $75 million dollar round for Calvia, a California-based licensed cannabis cultivator and retailer. Calvia operates just a few miles from Levi’s stadium where the San Francisco 49ers play. According to Harris, Montana has “high hopes for (this) latest business venture.” Further, Calvia CEO Dennis O’Malley states “What we’re trying to do is be the #1 brand in California.”

While it’s not clear whether Joe Montana consumes cannabis, it is clear that his interest in the industry extends beyond his potential to profit financially from it. “The cannabis industry can provide relief to many people and can make a serious impact on opioid use or addiction,” Montana said.

Many of the potential beneficiaries of healthy cannabis use are peers and fellow teammates of Montana. Recently, a number of retired NFL players have come forward in support of the benefits of cannabis in helping reduce pain and treating long term injuries resulting from the damage done to their bodies while playing football. Many former players have spoken out against the practice of NFL team doctors handing out opioids.

In total, it’s not just hall-of-fame quarterbacks like Joe Montana, but also other NFL players and regular, everyday citizens who are also looking to cannabis as a healthier and safer alternative to currently used opioids. While cannabis as an alternative to such drugs has been a topic of conversation for some time, it seems that celebrity endorsement, like that given by Montana, is bringing this topic to the forefront of health and wellness discussion not only in the state of California but nationwide.

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