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Synopsis: Am I Allergic to Weed?

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This week’s Hot Article, Am I Allergic to Weed?, written by Shelby Fero and published by Merry Jane Media, aims to inform people on the difference between a marijuana-induced allergic reaction compared to standard use effects that do no bodily harm.

Marijuana can affect some individuals as an allergen resulting in symptoms of a runny nose, itching eyes, and rash. Any substance that causes an allergic reaction where the immune system reacts negatively to a foreign substance in your body is considered an allergen.

While research around how marijuana affects people is still accumulating, the fact that some people react adversely to marijuana is common knowledge. On occasion, users may suffer the symptoms are a runny nose, itchy eyes, itchy throat, hives, rash, Anaphylactic shock, and puffy skin around the eyes and mouth. In these cases, antihistamines are used to treat such symptoms.

It may take a few hours to feel relief after taking an antihistamine, but those still experiencing throat swelling or impeded breath should seek medical help as these symptoms may indicate a much more severe reaction. Knowing how to identify allergic reactions versus panic resulting from unfamiliar sensations of ingesting marijuana is essential in discerning whether an actual emergency exists in such situations.

Aside from using marijuana and measuring its effects, the primary way to determine whether a user is allergic to cannabis is through a “prick test.” In this test, a doctor places a minimal amount of cannabis just beneath the surface of a test subject’s skin using a small needle. Subjects experiencing a reaction to such a test know that they are allergically reactive to cannabis.

Allergies can be severe and sometimes even deadly if not taken seriously,  but, while consuming marijuana can incite allergies in some users, it is essential to consider the broad health benefits of consumption as shown by studies as well. Ultimately, while research in cannabis is ongoing, some research has shown that cannabis consumption can yield significant health benefits to its users.

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