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This Week’s Zefyr Cannabis Hot Zone is in West Anaheim, California!  

Residential development in this neighborhood occurred during the 1950s and 1960s after Disneyland opened nearby in 1955. We can use Zefyr Station to learn more about the 92804 zip code and the cannabis consumers living there. 

n this zip code, more than 3,930 residents ages 21+ are likely to use cannabis products on a daily basis. Residents of 92804 are a multi-cultural mix of both blue and white collar workers with an average age of 33.8 years and an average annual income of about $52,533. Just over 50% of all cannabis products sold her are flower making it the most commonly-sold cannabis product type, with concentrate second in products sold at 35.7%. With status, appearance, and staying hip a major priority for these locals, the marketing points of trendiness and social elevation should be utilized in selling to local consumers who, regardless of income, are generally not price-conscious when pursuing social status. Finally, given the large multi-cultural and Spanish speaking population here, dispensaries should stock products with both English and Spanish language packaging to allow for ease of understanding and cultural identification with products. 

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