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This Week’s Zefyr Cannabis Hot Zone is in the Sloan’s Lake neighborhood of Denver, Colorado!

Not too far from downtown and known for its proximity to the Highlands area of western-Denver, this location is one of the older neighborhoods in the Denver metro area. Let’s use Zefyr Station to learn more about the cannabis consumers who live in the 80214 zip code. 

More than 1,300 residents ages 21+ are likely to use cannabis products in this zip code on a daily basis. Generally, a mix of post-graduate students and working-class adults, the locals here have an average age of 36.7 years and an average annual income is about $40,082. Not surprising among this age demographic is that Edibles and Concentrate products are the most commonly sold cannabis product categories here making up 38.1% and 27.9% of the market sales, respectively. With a high concentration of single adults who value status and appearance residing in this location, social elevation and trendiness should be key marketing points for products sold in this area. Dispensaries should be able to demonstrate and showcase these marketing points as these hard-working, lower-income, and price-conscious consumers will need to see value in products before purchasing. Retail locations here must remain vigilant to maintain a strong customer base due to the high concentration of renters and consumer turnover.

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