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This Week’s Zefyr Cannabis Hot Zone is in the Churchill neighborhood of Eugene, Oregon!

This Willamette Valley location is known for its lushly-forested hills, proximity to outdoor activities, and its unsuppressed free spirit. Using Zefyr Station, let’s gain a better understanding of the characteristics of the cannabis consumers residing in the 97402 zip code.

In this zip, more than 2,500 residents ages 21+ are likely to use cannabis products on a daily basis. With a diverse population of both younger college and post-collegiate-aged citizens combined with locals approaching retirement, the average age here is 36.3 years and the average annual income is about $39,716. Somewhat unique to this locale is that Gear (including use equipment, cultivation tools, and ancillary products) is the most frequently sold product category at here (32.4% of all products sold) with flower (28.1% of all products sold) a close second. Given that locals in this zip code are diverse in age, stocking a variety of products to address both social and medical/health uses is key to addressing the desires and needs of these consumers. Additionally, dispensaries should be prepared to justify the effectiveness and quality of higher-priced items to these price-conscious patrons. Finally, given that most locals are renters, establishing a strong customer base will require continuing maintenance given the turnover of renters in the area.

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