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Cutting-Edge Business Data Dashboard

The web is full of rich data that businesses need to thrive in new markets. Zefyr compiles, cleans, correlates, and displays that data in our easy to use dashboards.

Data Points
Consumer Segments
Consumer Groups
Products Types Tracked
Individual Price Points Tracked

Visualized Data for Quick Insights

The web is where economic activity lives. We monitor and report on this activity to give you a competitive advantage.

Learn Trends to Compete Quickly

Reduce Time to Market

Avoid Risk

Establish KPIs

Optimize Distribution

Zefyr’s Web Dashboards

Zefyr Consumer Dash

Find out where your ideal consumers live, their behaviors, product preferences, and more.

  • Contains 67 Consumer Profiles Separated into 9 Segments

  • Intimately Understand Your Ideal Consumer

  • Position, Plan, and Innovate with Your Consumers in Mind

Zefyr Product Dash

Understand where products are on shelves in the U.S. and how their retail prices fluctuate over time.

  • Hundred’s of Product Types Tracked

  • Easily Understand Market Saturation

  • Place Products with Confidence

The Questions We Help You Answer

Zefyr makes it easy to understand the data you need by gathering it all into one interface and updating it weekly.

  • Where are ideal consumers concentrated?

  • What products do consumers prefer?

  • What experiences are consumers looking for?

  • What habits do consumers exhibit?

  • What products do consumers prefer?

  • What are the average and individual prices of products being sold?

  • Where are competitor products being distributed?

  • What are people saying about products like mine?

  • What is my competitive advantage?

  • Where is the best place to distribute products?

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