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By optimizing the collection, ingestion, normalization, and presentation of data, Zefyr provides cost competitive real-time data solutions.

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The AI driven collaborative platform that provides simple and powerful answers.


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We make it easy to understand new industries by providing revenue-driving answers in a simple formats at a low cost.

Consumer Data

  • Population of Self-Reported MJ Consumers by Age
  • Self Reported MJ Consumers by Age and Frequency of Use
  • Population by Income and Age Range
  • MJ Consumer Lifestyle Discussions and Behaviors
  • Population of MJ Consumers by Media Preferences
  • Population by Age Range
  • Number of MJ Consumers According to Their Buying Preferences
  • Population Likely to Use CBD
  • Population of MJ Consumers by Use Class

MMJ/Healthcare Data

  • Number of MJ Doctors per City
  • Popular MJ Doctors
  • Known Medical Marijuana Practitioners
  • Epilepsy and Seizure Disorder Patient Population
  • Multiple Sclerosis Patient Population
  • Glaucoma Patient Population
  • HIV/AIDS Patient Population
  • Alzheimer’s Disease Patient Population
  • Cachexia/Wasting Syndrome Patient Population
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Patient Population
  • Migraine Patient Population

Product Data

  • Product Awareness Assessment
  • Brand Awareness Assessment
  • Retail Price Trends in an Area
  • High and Low Product Price by Category
  • Location of Product Listings
  • Most Prevalent Brand by Known Location
  • Brands That People Are Talking About
  • Product Popularity by Consumer Discussion

License Data

  • Current MJ Business Licenses

MJ Store and Delivery Service Information

  • Number of MJ Stores by Type
  • Known MJ Store Locations
  • MJ Stores People Are Talking About

MJ Stock Data

  • Performance of MJ Stock Symbols over Time
  • Publicly Listed MJ Company Newsfeed
  • Upcoming Events

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