Zefyr’s products help you understand and communicate directly with your current customers and the ones you want to attract.

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Retail and Marketing Location Data.

Zefyr ID derives meaningful insight from geospatial data relationships to solve market problems.

Our data helps organizations understand the movement of consumers over time and enables them to improve operations efficiency, measure marketing and advertising, make direct contact with the consumer, measure loyalty, understand competitors and cannibalization, learn retail visitor demographics, and more.



The Answers Platform.

Dazh provides cutting edge consumer intelligence in an easy to use platform. With Dazh, you can easily understand your market and your customers quicker than ever before. Data taken from self-reported, public, and partner sources powers Dazh’s easy to understand charts and graphs. Dazh’s intuitive charts and graphs help you quickly assess and make critical business and marketing decisions. No more endless calculations or confusion, Dazh does it all for you.

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